We love to use ripe jam tomatoes for this or the small Roma tomatoes.
1. Wash and cut the tomatoes (approx. 1kg) place them into a big bowl and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle of sugar and generous teaspoon or two of herbSALT depending on the quantity of tomatoes you are using. TASTE!!! 
2. Toss tomatoes well in the dressing.
3. Place dressed tomatoes onto a large oven roasting dish or tray making sure they don’t overlap, bake for about 45 mins on 180 degrees C.
4. Allow to cool before placing into a preserving glass jar. 
5. Some uses in, Salads, Pizza - puree tomato and use as a base for pizza, Spaghetti sauce tear some lovely fresh basil leaves and generous amounts of grated parmesan with warmed spaghetti, 
6. When we cook we must allow our imaginations to explore freely.