Yes it really is this simple to give your body an all in one alkalizing, energizing and detoxing drink.
Juice of half a lemon
1 tblsp virgin coconut oil
1 cup warm or boiling filtered water

Squeeze lemon juice inside cup. Add coconut oil. Next add a small amount of room temperature or cold water (filtered) to the mix so to not directly blast the lemon and coconut with boiling water. Add boiling water to the remainder of the cup. Yummy!

This is an ideal way to start your day. Drink first thing in the morning when your body is already in it’s natural detox mode. The lemon juice is kick starting your liver and activating metabolism, and the coconut oil is like giving your body some high quality fuel that converts directly into energy, and also boosts metabolism! The water is hydrating and a good flush for the entire digestive system. Of course these wonderful health benefits are not just limited to once a day in the morning. Your body may totally appreciate a top up throughout the day. I know mine does.